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Nestled on the East Branch of the DuPage River in Naperville, Illinois, sits the Greene family homestead with a 14,000-square-foot barn, the largest one in DuPage County, and a farmhouse lovingly called Oak Cottage by the family.

One of the county's earliest settlers, William Briggs Greene, acquired land in 1843 and developed the farmstead. Home to six generations of the Greene family, the homestead serves as a tribute to the courage and determination of the early settlers, who came in lumber wagons to the dense rolling prairie woodlands and learned how to farm and manage livestock. This book is also the story of William Bertram Greene, a father, grandfather, businessman, and philanthropist, who with his remarkable wisdom and foresight secured the preservation of the Greene homestead for future generations by donating it to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in 1971.

Revati Natesan, living across the street for 30 years, witnessed the weather beating down upon the Greene barn and Oak Cottage and the subsequent massive restoration efforts. Following a career as an electronics engineer at Bell Labs, she founded the ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation, which uses the arts as a medium to promote cultural awareness, peace, and harmony. The foundation organized citywide events across Naperville for several years celebrating peace and gifted a peace pole to the city that is installed in Veterans Park, Naperville.

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in the Greene Valley Forest Preserve, Naperville IL

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